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We’re devoted to providing unrivalled pet care in Bath and the surrounding area. Below are some of our specialist dog walking and puppy care services – but if you don’t see what you’re looking for just give us a call.

group dog walks

60 minute group walk - £14.00

Group walks take place Monday to Friday throughout the year. Your dog can join the gang for a one-hour group dog walk in the amazing countryside we are blessed with in the region.

We'll collect, safely transport and walk your dog - providing all the benefits of regular exercise and socialisation - before cleaning them and returning to your home.

From initial enquiry we'll arrange a meet and greet to find out all the specific details that makes your dog special and enables us to tailor their walks accordingly. We're flexible on lead requirements, key holding and which days are required and you'll always meet each of our dog walkers before they care for pooch.

group dog walks

puppy day care

£30.00 per day

Bringing up a puppy can be tough, even when you are with them 24/7. When you need to work or have a busy schedule it’s an even greater challenge.

Binky’s specialises in puppy care. It means our customers can experience the wonder of owning a dog even when they can’t guarantee round the clock attention. All safe in the knowledge that they can access reliable, daily and professional support.

Throughout the day we ensure the perfect balance of cuddles, training, play, exercise, managed interaction with other dogs and of course feeding and any medication. When we all agree the pup is ready to graduate, they can join the adults for afternoon walks - already comfortable in the Binky’s environment.

1 hour solo dog walks

mika the VIZSLA

"We really made a great choice with Binky's Dog Walking. Natalie has been amazing from the outset and provides a 5-star service."
Andy, Mika’s Human.
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